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    Is it pregnancy-safe? Your questions, answered

    October 03, 2023 3 min read

    Is it pregnancy-safe? Your questions, answered

    Pregnancy is a journey bursting with joy, anticipation, and surprises at every turn. But if you’re a skincare enthusiast, you're certainly not alone in questioning product safety during this time. Can ingredients in certain products impact the baby? Are they suitable during breastfeeding? And which are best for your skin’s journey during this special time?

    Mamas-to-be, join us as we delve into Ilumaé's skincare range to answer all your questions.

    Skin changes during pregnancy

    As the body gears up to support the growing baby, there's a surge in hormones which, in turn, can have various effects on an expectant mother's complexion.

    Let’s take a closer look at some of these skin transformations that pregnant women often experience:

    • Glowing skin: Often referred to as the 'pregnancy glow', many women experience an increase in facial oil during pregnancy. This results in the skin looking plumper and more radiant. The increased blood flow also contributes to this sought-after glow.
    • Stretch marks: As the belly expands to accommodate the growing baby, the skin stretches. This can lead to stretch marks, which are essentially tiny tears in the layers of the skin. They initially appear reddish or purplish and eventually fade to a more silvery tone.
    • Melasma: Also known as the 'mask of pregnancy', melasma causes brown patches on the face. This hyperpigmentation is a result of the surge in hormones which stimulate the melanin cells in the skin.
    • Acne and breakouts: Hormonal fluctuations can lead to increased oil production, which, when trapped with dead skin cells, can result in acne. This is particularly common during the first trimester.
    • Increased sensitivity: Some women find that their skin becomes more sensitive and reactive during pregnancy. This is due to an increase in blood flow and the stretching of the skin, making it more prone to irritation.

    Where Ilumaé products come in

    Almost all of Ilumaé's range is designed with the inclusivity of expectant mothers in mind.

    From The Soothing B3 Serum with nourishing Niacinamide, to The Brightening Crème that uses 4-n-Butylresorcinol to target dark spots, our range is scientifically formulated to cater to the unique needs of your skin while ensuring its safety.

    And for those post-pregnancy skincare needs? We’ve got you covered with products that help revitalise skin, like The Eye Crème – a hydrating hero that contains caffeine for de-puffing, or The Gentle Cleanser – a pH-balanced formula that nurtures your skin as it removes the day's impurities from your pores.

    Are there any products to approach with caution?

    It's essential to mention that while the majority of Ilumaé's products are pregnancy-safe, there are exceptions. Both The Gentle Nightly Retinal Crème and The Intensive Nightly Retinal Crème are recommended to be avoided during this phase. But why?

    Retinals, even though they're stellar for skincare, can be of concern during pregnancy. Though the concentration levels found in these two products pose minimal risk, we believe in taking the conservative route for the safety of both mother and baby. Instead, we recommend revisiting these products post-pregnancy with consultation from a dermatologist or physician.

    Embracing the glow of motherhood

    Pregnancy is a transformative journey, and your skincare routine should echo this beautiful transformation. While there are a few products best left for post-pregnancy use, we offer a wide range of pregnancy-safe solutions to keep your skin glowing, hydrated and nourished. After all, you deserve to feel pampered every step of the way – including your skincare steps.